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        2. The Great Fire

          4 x 60 minute episodes for ITV
          Transmission date: October 2014

          Production Credits

          Director: Jon Jones
          Writers: Tom Bradby
          Executive Producers: Lucy Bedford, Douglas Rae,
          Producer: Gina Cronk


          Charles Dance
          Rose Leslie
          Andrew Buchan
          Jack Huston
          Daniel Mays
          Oliver Jackson-Cohen


          Set in 1666 with events unfolding over four consecutive days, the Great Fire indiscriminately engulfs the city, as no matter what your path in life or status all human life is vulnerable. From the humble baker, Thomas Farriner and his family to the ambitious Samuel Pepys and King Charles II, the characters’ stories will interweave as the city, and their lives, are changed beyond imagining during one of our nation’s greatest historical disasters.

          The fire consumes homes and lives as loyalties and friendships are tested and passions come to the fore. As the greatest city of the 17th century is destroyed, the fire is a catalyst to acts of forbidden love, deceit and despair. Ultimately, London is changed forever, paving the way for the dawn of a new era, in which modern London will rise from the ashes. Inspired by the historical events of 1666 and with the decadent backdrop of King Charles II’s court, The Great Fire focuses on the circumstances which led to the catastrophic fire, Thomas Farriner’s family life at the bakery in Pudding Lane, the playboy King’s extravagant lifestyle, and Farriner’s complex relationship with his fictional sister in law, Sarah.

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