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        2. Life in Squares

          3 x 60 minute episodes for BBC Two
          Transmission date: July 2015

          Production Credits

          Director: Simon Kaijser
          Writers: Amanda Coe
          Executive Producers: Lucy Bedford, Douglas Rae, Lucy Richer
          Producer: Rhonda Smith


          Phoebe Fox
          Lydia Leonard
          James Norton
          Sam Hoare
          Rupert Penry-Jones


          Life In Squares tells the story of the Bloomsbury group over 40 years, from the death of Queen Victoria to the Second World War, as they attempted to forge a life free from the constraints of the past. Their pursuit of freedom and beauty was always passionate, often impossible and ultimately devastating, yet their legacy is still felt today. The series dramatises the exceptionally close, often fraught relationship of sisters Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf, and Vanessa's enduring, sexually complicated alliance with gay artist Duncan Grant.


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